Passages : Museum 2.0: What's Your Leisure Identity? Does it Bring You Into Museums?

    Museum 2.0: What’s Your Leisure Identity? Does it Bring You Into Museums?

    This could apply to other leasure activities and, why not, tourism.

    Do museums address your leasure needs?  These needs are based on the five identity needs identified by John Falk (a science education and museum research specialist and founder of the Institute for Learning Innovation) as being well-served by museums : explorer, experience seeker, recharger, professional/hobbyist, and facilitator.

    Nina Simon has some very interesting questions:

    /…/ are there other leisure goals that museums should consider accommodating? Would it diffuse museums’ core competencies to provide experiences for people like me, or would it enhance their ability to serve the public?/…/

    As well as some suggestions:

    /…/ Roof gardens and sculpture patios pull me into comfortable recharging spaces. A hackerspace or co-creation project would bring me in to work socially and actively on creating something for myself or for the community. Outdoor biking tours, games, or exhibits like the New York Hall of Science’s mini golf course /…/

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