TI et droits de la personne

Pour changer des revues de fin d’année, l’abécédaire de Michael Geist des faits importants concernant les technologies de l’information et le droit. On peut s’inquiéter de la protection des renseignements personnels et de la neutralité du Net. Quelques extraits de cette très intéressante liste:

E is for eBay, which was ordered by the Federal Court of Canada to disclose the identities of hundreds of Canadian Power Sellers to the Canada Revenue Agency.  CRA suspects that some sellers may not be collecting the requisite sales taxes for their online sales.

J is for the Jewish New Year cards Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent to thousands of Canadians.  The cards raised uncomfortable privacy questions about the collection and use of personal information by Canada’s political parties.

S is for Shaping, the controversial ISP practice that limits the bandwidth allocated to certain applications.  The growing use of traffic shaping by Canadian ISPs led to mounting calls for net neutrality legislation.

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