Passages : Gary Hamel: What Really Kills Great Companies: Inertia

    Gary Hamel: What Really Kills Great Companies: Inertia

    That could explain why certain organizations prefer ignoring the ever changing and uncontrable web.

    Organizations by their very nature are inertial. Like a fast-spinning gyroscope that can’t be easily unbalanced, successful organizations spin around the axis of unshakeable beliefs and well-rehearsed routines—and it typically takes a dramatic outside force to destabilize the self-reinforcing system of policies and practices.

    Expecting the good old times to return soon:

    Large organizations don’t worship shareholders or customers, they worship the past. If it were otherwise, it wouldn’t take a crisis to set a company on a new path.

    Are inertia and fear of change signs of old age for companies? If so, how could they stay forever young and daring?

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