Passages : McKinsey Global Survey on Web 2.0

How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0 – McKinsey Quarterly

    Web 2.0 is of high interest for 69% of the 1,700 executives that responded to this year’s McKinsey Global Survey (June 2009). Interactive graphic. Results show strong evidence that advantages are translating into measurable business gains.

Most interesting parts

    Measurable benefits on the business:
    Better knowledge and marketing: sharing idea, access to experts, communication cost reduction, reduced time to market.

    The challenge: Managing adoption
    Integrating web 2.0 into processes: /…/The survey results confirm that successful adoption requires that the use of these tools be integrated into the flow of users’ work./…/

    Recommanded reading: Bertrand Duperrin‘s blog (blog has an English version) covers enterprise 2.0’s business issues.

    Adoption tools
    Importance of the informal incentives: ratings by peer and online recognition.

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